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(Short story for pupils)                                                    


Dr. Muneer Moosa




(Short story for pupils)                                                    


Dr. Muneer Moosa


I am the Lion

Crown of Cats

Mine is the jungle

Rivulets, gardens

Buffalos and stags

Jasmine is mine                          

                           Flowers and doves

My love

A King am I

Space is my liberty



Under  the pear-tree spreading branches the Hare sleeps deep in the shade. While he snores, the Lion ,King of the jungle, draws near. "This," said  the Lion to himself, "is surely a juicy morsel, nice and fresh, though rather small;" and he made ready to devour his prey.


But as he contemplated the poor Hare, who had no idea how close he  was to ending up in his mouth, the Lion turned to look around him; and there, passing by quite near, he saw a Deer of charming beauty, part of the beauty of Nature. Seeing the Lion so close, the Deer was feared and gathered all his strength to save his skin. He seemed swimming through the wind so fast.   


So, the puny little Hare was in luck as the Lion left him in a flash. Now, the Hare heard in his sleep the sound of screaming; and waking in a cold panic. He saw the Lion's footprints, and realised that he had been saved by a miracle. He remembered dreaming that the Lion was standing near him. He gathered strength and escaped. He was resting under a mango tree watching a flock of doves slaking their thirst at a nearby rivulet.  He thought to himself, "First I'll rest and then I'll have a drink and have fun with these pretty birds. I feel that after my escape I shall live in comfort. "He saw a train of ducks marching at uniform speed on their way to drink the serene river-water and having rested. He rose and considered how best to attract their attention. So he started to sing:


I am lightning

I am well-beloved

I praised the Lord

For lavish help


The Lion having run far in pursuit of the Deer felt his strength ebbing distress. He had to forgo the delicious flesh and realising that the Deer had made his escape. He thought to himself: "Now I'll go back to the pretty little Hare sleeping under the pear-tree, though, he will surely not sate my hunger." So he made his way back. But, on his arrival at the pear-tree he didn't find him. The Hare had found a spot where he could rest undisturbed under the spreading branches of an Carob tree. Inside the trunk he found he could disappear and enjoy the protection not very different from his own home. There he rested and then he came out and looked around him enjoying the sun and the gentle breeze ruffling his smooth-furred coat and playing in his eyelashes. He heard the birds twittering and noticed especially the charming-coloured goldfinches voices. He pleasured, smiling, saw the birds, fixed his gaze on the merry finches up in the Carob tree among the flowers on stones and thistles. He said to himself: "How I love the company of these goldfinches, how I enjoy their colours and their songs!" And as he paused in his musing watching the goldfinches wheeling and swooping feeling them on his back, while they entertained him with their melodious chirping, he also began to sing:


Am I a tyro, am I a master

Am I handsome?

A dream I have and tolerance

  The Lion alarmed me   

My dwelling is founded on love


The Lion was hungry; he lay under the tree. His attention was drawn to the twittering birds, but how could he go after them in the tree-tops--and anyway they could never satisfy his hunger.

The Lion kept his feelings and spoke to himself: "To-day has taught me a lesson I must never forget--if you lust for the birds on the tree, the bird in your hand may fly off, lost for ever." He forgot whence he came; lonely and sang:


If I hunger, who hungers not?

My grief is my friend

Tears has encompassed me

My censure

For my day


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